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General FAQ

I'm ready to book! What's next?

WOOHOO! I'm thrilled that you're ready to book! Just fill out the contact form HERE, and I'll email you instructions for scheduling your phone consultation with me. During the call, I'll walk you through what to expect during your session, answer any questions, and get you all set for an amazing experience!

When do I get to see my photos?

About 4 weeks after your session, we'll schedule a viewing session where you'll get to see all of your final images for the first time. It's an exciting moment to relive the experience and see the beautiful results of your session!

How Much Is a Session?

The session fee is $199 and includes a pre-session consultation, up to a 2 hour one-on-one session, guided posing, and full retouching on all of your final images. 

Printed products and digitals files are not included in the session fee and are an additional expense.

What kind of products do you offer?

I offer a range of products to beautifully showcase your images, including folio boxes, custom albums, and stunning wall art, among others. 

My collections begin at $1300.

Is Hair and Makeup included?

At this point in time I do not offer hair and makeup services as part of my session fee, although it is on the roadmap for the future.  You are always welcome to schedule hair and makeup before our session. 

Do you have a Client Closet?

At this point in time I do not have a physical client closet. However, I do offer a Virtual Client Closet - Check that out here!

Do you have a Studio?

A studio is currently in the works!  But for now, I do all of my sessions outdoors.  I have a few areas that are more secluded for my photo sessions.  I do all of my Image Reveal Sessions out of my home office in La Grande. 

Do I have to Share my Photos? 

Absolutely not!  While I love sharing my work, my clients always have the options of privacy.  
I offer 4 different types of Model Releases:
Full Release - I can share any purchased images.
Limited Release - You decide which images I can share.
Anonymous Release - I only share non-identifying images.
No Release - Your images are kept private. 

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